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DIY rabbit garland tutorial with wool

Hello everyone! Easter is approaching and Maria Veneziano has come up with a really easy and super fun tutorial! a furry bunny looking for his carrot among the flowers.

DIY rabbit garland tutorial with woolGet a Styrofoam wreath that you can find at any hobby store. Alternatively, you can cut out a dico ci cardboard, which you line with wool. Using two pipe cleaners, or wire, create ears, which you will line with wool of the same color as the garland. Glue the ears on the wreath and cover it with flowers.

Then prepare the bunny. They are simply three double fabric discs, one larger one for the body, and two smaller ones for the legs. Then cut out two more ovals for the ears.

Glue it onto the wreath to make up the bunny

DIY rabbit garland tutorial with wool

Then fill it with flowers and decorative eggs.

here is your wreath ready and be sure to let us know what you think!

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