Creative kit to make four Bunny Dolls consisting of pannolenci pieces, explanations, paper patterns and step-by-step photo in digital format
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Look how beautiful our Bunny Dolls are.

Our kits are really innovative!With our materials and patterns you can make as many as 4 bunny dolls. Yes 4 bunny dolls that you can give as gifts or collect for yourself. They are extremely easy to make, you can glue or sew, by hand or by machine. They are kits and paper patterns also designed for everyone, for the most experienced hands but also for children.
Each piece is cut by hand, by Italian artisans who prepared them for us.
In the kit you will also find explanations, paper patterns and photographic step-by-step that will be sent to you electronically and that you can download and print in A4 size. Each doll is about 40 cm
All you have to do is shop and have fun with Creativemamy.


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