I create with Creativemamy #13 is coming!

I create with Creativemamy #13 is coming!

Hello everyone!

February 2, issue 13 of our magazine Creo with Creativemamy is released on newsstands and supermarkets.

I create with Creativemamy #13 is coming!It has now been two years since the legendary number 1, and more and more of you are following us. Thank you again.

Our magazine has also been published in France, Belgium, Switzerland and Luxembourg for the past year.

I create with Creativemamy #13 is coming!

In this issue you’ll find lots of super easy projects: a nod to Easter and a nod to spring, recycling we love, lots of pets on looms, and a section devoted to love.

We look forward to seeing you at newsstands and supermarkets, and in France also in the Culture chain.

you can also purchase the digital version at our publisher’s website Sprea Publishers

Now we embrace you and thank you! Be sure to let us know what you think

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