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Cute out-of-town sheep tutorial with cardboard recycling

Creating while having fun makes a project unique and us happy for accomplishing it. We love to create so much and we always do it with an eye to recovery, in fact you always find recycling in our tutorials. Maria Mancini has made a cute little sheep that you can use as a doorway or hang in the children’s bedroom to make their space even more fantastic.

Cute out-of-town sheep tutorial with cardboard recycling

To make our cute little sheep you will need:

  • Reclaimed cardboard
  • ivory pannolenci or an old fleece cover
  • faux fur or an old sweater
  • brown and patterned pannolenci cutouts
  • flat padding, even the filter you use for the kitchen hood is fine
  • hot glue
  • ribbon, rope and bell

As a pattern for the body you can use two plates of different sizes. Follow our tutorial, it will help you in the various steps. It only remains for us to wish you a lot of fun and be sure to share with us on all social media your little sheep made with our tutorial.

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