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Creative tutorial: how to make an egg basket by recycling a cardboard box

With the arrival of spring and the Easter season approaching, it’s the perfect time to show off your creativity with a do-it-yourself project that not only respects the environment but also adds a fresh touch to your home. In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to make an adorable canva basket (or chocolate holder, flowers, your choice!) using common materials you can find around the house.

Materials Needed:

– Carton of a used detergent

– Felt and colored pannolenci

– Hot glue

– Rope

– decorative wooden buttons and flowers

Creative tutorial: how to make an egg basket by recycling a cardboard box

Follow our tutorial and once you have completed the basket, be sure to check that all parts are firmly glued together and that the structure is stable. used for eggs or add fresh spring flowers or Easter chocolates to your basket and enjoy your homemade masterpiece!

With this simple tutorial, you have learned how to turn common recycled materials into a beautiful and functional everything basket. This is a fun project to do alone or with the family, perfect for welcoming spring or adding an Easter touch to your home. Be creative and have fun as you breathe life back into materials that would otherwise be thrown away! And be sure not to forget to share your masterpieces made with us on all social media! A hug

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